When Mom is Down for the Count

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On Sunday I found myself progressively feeling worse through out the day, by the end of the night I was done and my voice was barely there. Monday morning came and I felt ok, not great but still able to get up and get going. I thought I was doing great until after dinner and then it hit me like a tone of bricks. I was tired, congested and dizzy, I was done. I attempted to go to bed early, but as life would have it this would be the night that both kids needed their extra snuggles and I wasn’t going to bed any time soon. I woke up this morning and it didn’t take me long to realize I was in no better shape than yesterday, if anything I was worse. This mom was down for the count.

I think the only thing worse than being sick is being sick when you have little people to take care of. There is no calling in sick and no way of leaving them to fend for themselves. I could only imagine what kind of chaos my house would be in if I let Hazel just do as she pleases so I could go have a nap. Not happening anytime soon. Upon arriving home from bike that morning  I impatiently counted down the hours, minutes and seconds until my husband came home from work.

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There was only one thing that was going to save my kids from going crazy and keep me sane. Netflix, Netflix and more Netflix. Honestly I’m not too sure I would have survived yesterday with out Netflix. The best thing about it is due to the parental controls and the individual user access I can just sign Hazel in and have no worries about her watching something that’s inappropriate. I found this out the hard way last week when I accidentally set her access to super limited and locked her out of some of her favourite shows including Shrek. I almost thought the world was going to end when we couldn’t find Shrek anymore. Needless to say this issue was rectified immediately and I’ve seen Shrek so often lately that I could probably give Mike Meyers a run for his money should Shrek 4 come out! 

 No judging right, whatever keeps us sane and gets us through the day?  Since I want to try my best to have them avoid my cold I loaded them up on vitamin C which turned them into sticky messes so an afternoon bath was needed and helped keep us entertained during that last stretch before dad came to the rescue!

What do you do to keep the kids entertained when you’re not feeling well? Do you turn to Netflix / the TV as well? What are some of your favourite shows to stream for kids?

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Xo. Andria

{Disclosure, we have joined the Netflix stream team and will be sharing our favourite shows and new shows to stream over the course of the next year. We hope you follow along our streaming adventure}

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