Why I’m Excited About the BC Home and Garden Show {giveaway}

The BC Home and Garden Show is back at BC Place this February running from February 22 through to February 26th. As usual it will feature a variety of different main stage presentations, vendors, and of course experts on hand with plenty of advice. It’s been a few years since we have attended a show but there is no way we are missing the show this year and there are two reasons for that.

Reason #1, we have a new home! (Incase you didn’t catch that, you can read about our journey here and here.) A new home brings a blank new canvas to work with, once you’re a homeowner the fun is never ending. Whether it is an older house you are renovating, a home you designed and built yourself or in our case a prebuilt home you want to make your own, it just never stops.  As well as taking our prebuilt home and transforming it into our own, we also have an unfinished basement to work with so the Home and Garden show couldn’t be on at a better time for us.

Reason #2 I can’t wait for the show, and probably the most exciting one, drum roll please…

BC Home and Garden Show

 I get to take part in it!!  I (I should say we, as Evan will be helping me LOTS) are taking part in the Ultimate Upcycle Challenge presented by Rust-Oleum. This year the challenge is based around eating your veggies. Each of the 10 influencers (that includes us) is challenged to convert a piece that was once loved into a fun and unique garden planter. We were each given a $50 credit to ReStore to pick out our upcycle piece, $50 towards other materials to complete our project and a black box full of Rust-Oleum products. Once our pieces are complete they will be showcased at the Home and Garden Show were attendees will have the chance to bid them. 100% of the proceeds raised from the auctions will go back to the Habitat for Humanity.

BC Home and Garden Show

So fun right?  Of course I am going to give you a little sneak peek of what we are working on, or I should say what we have to work on because we have yet to start!! We visited the Maple Ridge ReStore location last Friday and left with the most gorgeous waterbed frame. I say gorgeous because it truly is an amazing piece and for the amazing price of $40 (yes $10 under our $50 budget!) we have plenty of material to work with. The 6 drawers and the banisters are what really drew me into the piece and I am hoping that once we transform it, it will draw others in too. 

BC Home and Garden Show

BC Home and Garden Show

BC Home and Garden Show

BC Home and Garden Show

You might think I use Izzy in my pictures because she is just so stinkin’ cute but the truth is I just can’t get her out of my way! She is my shadow and 60 pounds of pure stubbornness. 

Now we have partnered up with the Home and Garden Show and one of their sponsors, Nellie’s All Natural, to give one of you and 3 guests the chance to check out the show (and of course go and bid on our item) as well as a Nellie’s prize pack.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

By entering the giveaway below you will be entered to win: One Nellie’s All Natural Baby Prize pack (stuffed lamb and Baby Laundry Soda ) and 4 tickets to the BC Home and Garden Show, retail value of $104. Giveaway closes February 19, 2017 and the winner will be announced on Monday February 20th, in our reveal post. 

A word from Nellie’s, which just happens to be one of the booths I am super excited to check out, perhaps its because I finally have a laundry room and its one of the makeover rooms on my list!

Spring Clean presented by Nellie’s All Natural and designed by Dexter Dolores Interiors: Few things add to a happy, healthy home like having a dedicated spot to do your laundry with all natural, earth friendly products like Nellie’s All Natural. Modern meets retro as Nellie’s, together with Dexter Dolores Interiors, create dream laundry spaces together. Learn how you can incorporate function and form in your own home, all while preserving the environment and the health of you and your family with toxin and phosphate free laundry products for a truly hypoallergenic experience. Go green with Nellie’s and take a look at these dreamy laundry rooms – we promise you’ll never see laundry as a chore again!

Xo. Andria  

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