{Wordless Wednesday} Halloween 2015

I hope everyone is slowly coming off their sugar highs from this past weekend. We are glad to say the rain held off here in Vancouver while we trick or treated and boy did we have fun! Last year Hazel (age 16 months) got the hang of trick or treating pretty quickly. She liked the idea of knocking on peoples doors and receiving something in return. Aside from a few boxes of smarties I’m pretty sure Evan and I enjoyed the remainder of her treats last year. This year she could not wait to get out and trick or treat. In fact after saying “Trick or Treat” and “Thank you” at pretty much every house she would quickly say “Get more treats” and that was her agenda. This kid did not waste any time racing from house to house, nearly avoiding being trampled several times, as she wanted more treats! She was so eager to get treats that she would often just walk into peoples homes after they opened the door and at one house she simply just opened their front door and walked in!!! Thank goodness she was a pretty cute Batgirl as most people didn’t seem to mind 🙂










Until next year Halloween!

Xo. Andria

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