{Wordless Wednesday} Tuc-El-Nuit 2017

It’s hard to believe that while summer isn’t quite officially over we have just wrapped up another one. They seem to go by faster each and every year. As usual we headed up to Oliver for our week of camping at the Lakeside resort. This year we opted to rent a trailer to see if we preferred that over tenting. I think there were some mixed emotions over it. We missed the feel of tenting but the convenience and ease of set up and take down was amazing. We also snuck back up for a few extra days the following week and I think the plan is to stay up for the two full weeks next year.

As I scanned through our pictures from our trip to share with you, one thing was very apparent about our trip. We spent a lot of time at the beach and we took a lot of naps! We usually venture off and tour a bit of the surrounding areas but this year we kept it nice and simple and spent pretty much our whole week at the campsite. The kids were having way too much fun playing the lake that it didn’t seem right to drag them around. So without further ado, a handful of pictures from this years trip!



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