Wordless Wednesday – We’re Back!

We’re baaaaack!! I just want to thank everyone for all the emails, texts and messages I’ve been getting saying where the heck are you?! It really is nice to know that you guys follow along and look forward to my posts. It makes all the time I put into it mean just that much more!

I took the last month and a bit to enjoy some time away from the computer, spend some extra time with Miss Monkey after work each night and to write my securities test for work. I am glad to say I passed my test, and of course enjoyed the extra snuggles with Hazel.

As per usual we have been up to our usual monkey business, we love to “drive” daddy’s truck, go to work with mommy, play with bubbles in the bath. Milkshakes are an absolute must, as is our new found love for the duck face, (oh boy) and we have a slight obsession with Minnie. We recently tried to sleep in a big girl bed but that’s a whole other story, I will fill you in on how that went at a later date, for now enjoy our recent pictures 🙂












Xo. Andria

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